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Toffee popcorn

Handmade Artisan Toffee Popcorn Toffee Pop toffee covered popcorn is one of Northwest Expressions most requested gourmet confections, and is handmade by mixing our own signature Butter Crunch Almond Toffee, petite peanuts and fluffy mushroom popped corn. Betcha can?t eat just one handful! It all starts with a 20? x 16? copper kettle over an open flame, and an old fashioned recipe using only the highest quality, all natural ingredients. The fresh sweet cream butter, pure sugars and roasted almonds are all slowly heated to the perfect temperature to create a gourmet toffee that is then added to peanuts and popcorn?and voila! Toffee Pop popcorn! Our toffee popcorn is handmade with kosher dairy products, and gluten free, all natural ingredients, and we don?t skimp ? each popcorn kernel is thoroughly coated with toffee crunch goodness.



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