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Gentleman’s Valentine

Introducing our sophisticated and refined “Gentleman’s Valentine” gift box, meticulously curated to pamper and indulge the distinguished gentleman in your life. This elegant selection of grooming essentials is designed to enhance his daily routine and elevate his sense of style.
  • Men’s Slippers
  • Men’s Face Wash
  • Men’s Lotion III (Seductive & Sophisticated)
  • Luxury Body Wash/Shower Gel – Men’s III (Seductive & Sophisticated)



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First, we present the Men’s Slippers, exuding comfort and luxury with their impeccable craftsmanship. These slippers provide a haven of relaxation, allowing him to unwind in utmost comfort after a long day.

To enhance his grooming regimen, we have included the Men’s Face Wash, a powerful cleanser that invigorates and revitalizes his skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and energized. Complementing this, we present the Men’s Lotion III, a seductive and sophisticated fragrance that exudes confidence and allure, ensuring he leaves a lasting impression.

To elevate his shower experience, we have included the Luxury Body Wash/Shower Gel – Men’s III. With its seductive and sophisticated scent, this body wash envelops him in a captivating aura, leaving his skin feeling invigorated and irresistibly alluring.

The “Gentleman’s Valentine” gift box is exquisitely presented with sophisticated packaging, reflecting the refined taste of its recipient. Each item has been thoughtfully selected to enhance his grooming routine and provide a sense of indulgence.

Surprise the gentleman in your life with this exceptional gift box, a testament to your admiration and appreciation of his refined character. With the “Gentleman’s Valentine” gift box, he will feel esteemed and cherished, embodying the essence of timeless sophistication.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 14 × 6 in


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