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About Us

Spreading joy, one gift box at a time

Welcome to The Good Mood Gifts, an online gift box business founded by us, Mosunmola & Oladipupo. We met in college and have been friends for 13 years, shared 8 years of intimacy and married for almost 2 years. Our love story, characterised by a commitment to each other and several shared moments of feeling good, inspired us to start this business as a way to promote sharing love and happiness with others.

Our Mission Is To Spread Joy

We’re more than a gift box business, we’re advocates of spreading love and joy. Our business tagline, “Share the love, Spread the good mood”, perfectly encapsulates our mission to inspire positivity and spread happiness. We believe that our gift boxes are more than just presents – they’re a way to express love, inspire positivity and spread joy, one gift box at a time.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Highest Priority

We take pride in our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, that’s why we only patronize suppliers with high quality standards. We also believe that every customer deserves a personalized experience, which is why we offer complimentary greeting cards for every occassion, with an option to personalize it with your own heartfelt message. From gift box contents, to packaging, shipping and delivery, expect a high quality of service from us at all times

Thank you for choosing The Good Mood Gifts for your gifting needs. We’re excited to share our love and positivity with you and your loved ones.
Spread the love, share the good mood
Mo & Ladi


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